Old Car Disease

This is an introduction page my name is Mark Campbell.  I have OCD or Old Car Disease.  
I am addicted to old cars.  I've had it most of my life, and I don't want to be cured.  
It started when I was 15 and getting close to getting my license.  I worked and saved all that year to buy a car.  Which one?  It was 1972 and there were lots of cool cars around.  My dad knew someone at one of the local dealerships.  He called me about a car they just got in on trade.  It was a 1965 Mustang 289, automatic, cold a/c, 69,000 miles and triple black.  How much cooler can you get in Irving, Texas?  I bought it the day I turned 16 for the princely sum of $650.  That was a lot of money when you only make $1 per hour at Kentucky Fried Chicken as a cook.  I was so proud.  I went to take my driver's test in it an hour later.  Failed on the parrallel parking as I had been practicing in Mom's 1972 Buick Electra station wagon.  Luckily no one was behind us and the tester let me give it one more try.  Nailed it.  Yeah!  The a/c lasted 3 weeks until I decided 15 HP was more important.  
Lots of adventures and fond memories of that car.  First drinking, Bridget the cops must have thought you were so cute when we got caught (I sure did), going to the drag strip (remember run what you brung), traveling around Texas.  
I now drive a 1952 Hudson Hornet to work everyday.  What do I do?  I have a shop that sells and restores Classic Cars.  What else?  Over 27years now and I still like going into work.  I get a lot of people saying I have a job they want when they retire, and I guess I do.  I still work 60 hours a week, but I'm able to do something I love.  Kind of like being retired since age 29 and still working my ass off.  
We specialize in solid Texas project cars.  I have a great crew that can fix just about anything.  
Jerry does awesome body work.  Steve is a genious at fixing anything.
Now that you know a little about me go check out my cars at  www.ClassicStreet.com

Anyway if you've got OCD, and want to tell people let me know.  I'll fix you up.
I even bought the website www.OldCarDisease.com   We'll be using it for social media soon.
The obsessive compulsive thing seems to apply here for many.

OCD t shirt old car disease
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old car disease
No broken camera this time.
Sandy said up against the wall.  I was hoping to get frisked.
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